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Thoughts of a warrior about the tragedy of Trianon: Peace can only be reached by traditionalism

As a co-leader of HVIM (Sixtyfour Counties Youth Movement), I’m making a clean breast of the tragedy of Trianon on its 100th anniversary and closing an era at the same time. We have always thought like this about the relations of the people living in the Carpathian Basin, yet I must admit that there could be misunderstandings in our communication, and to tell the truth we must have begun our activity with such a clarification and the strong statement of this principal basis in each of our actions within the area. We are going to share this commitment with several organizations of the neighboring countries in English and German.

We have to make conclusions. But it is not only us, Hungarians, but Romanians, Serbs, Ukranians, Slovaks, Croatians, Slovenians and everybody who is concerned about the treaty of Trianon. I sturdily state, that this treaty has no winners, only losers. It wasn’t clear after 1920, couldn’t be seen in the 30s (maybe except for the sharpest minds), but after losing the World War II, and the Soviet occupation, it probably became obvious. Despite the changes in the sizes of our countries, every nation in the Carpathian Basin got the same: the destruction of Communism. And after the breakup of the Soviet Union the unbridled liberalism have brought the age of the unholy modernism to everyone. They have divided us, settled tension between us, to make war against each other, while the anti-religious forces poisoned the newest generation, and the whole public life with LGBTQ propaganda and the satanic gender neutralism. Moreover even our human nature is under attack. Europe seems to be vanishing, our nordic civilization, our white race is pursued in its own continent, and it can easily lead us to the rule of mixed race, light-brown people instead of our beautiful nations. We have lost our traditions, even if we try to preserve some forms of them, but our daily life completely resembles that of an American or Western European. The total antispirituality is sustained by the virtualisation and the terror of social media, that pours the dirt on us, and completely confuse the people.

Our countries have become the toys of different colonial powers. Some are the slave of Israel, some of the US, Russia, Turkey or Germany, and also the Chinese influence is getting stronger. Hungary is a dependent of each of them more or less in variant areas: Russia in energetics, Germany in economy, our foreign policy is determined by Israel and so on.

Another important problem reared its head in the Carpathian Basin, which began to cause serious effects. The emerging number of ghettos due to the unattanded gipsy issues is a serious problem also in Slovakia and Romania (in the latter it is beginning to paralyze the working of the state). But the gipsy crimes are not unknown in the Ukraine, Serbia and Croatia…

Our strong, traditon-based, multinational empire, the „Country of the Carpathian Basin” is not existing anymore. There are smaller countries instead that are incapable of life on their own. None of the descendant states (including Hungary) can exist independently. None of us are self-sufficient, independent or sovereign. Nor Slovakia, nor the Ukraine, nor Romania, nor Serbia, nor Croatia and nor Hungary. The artificially created borders and also artificially generated enmity guarantees that there will never be peace in the area, and a chance to join hands against the modern world order, that vanishes our traditions and our proud national identities. Afterall ask the question: who won with Trianon? Only those great powers and the forces behind them, who were interested in diminishing the number of the kingdoms in Central Europe, but they didn’t decided like this because they had wanted to punish Hungarians (or to favor other nations) but to cut the possibility of an empire that could have been resisted the chaos that emerged from the French Revolution in 1789. and after in the 1840s.

Of course I do not say that the ethnically more and more heterogeneous Apostolic Kingdom of Hungary was a perfect and immaculate state. If it had been perfect, I wouldn’t have had to talk about it. But I certainly say that it could be multiethnical because before the „Great” French Revolution the main point was not national identity. The self-definiton of the people was rather religional and ordinal (caste) based. If it had been merely nationalist, the people wouldn’t have taken others in, and they wouldn’t have been living together peacefully for hundreds of years. Do not observe the past from the aspect of the present!

We need to review the sins of Hungarians, cause the correctness obliges us to begin with ourselves, but each nation must face their own sins as well. Most of the Hungarian nobility had become influenced by malicious and modern ideas by the so called Reform Age (first half of the 19th century) – but certainly there were many of the aristocrats and nobles, who stood ground heroically in the storms of history until their phisical execution in 1945. By these malicious ideas I mean nationalism and liberalism, which were going hand-in-hand that time, and appeared between the people of the Carpathian Basin as cancer. For example changing the language of the Parliament from the neutral Latin to Hugarian when several other nations lived in the realm for a long time, was a big fault.

The answer of the nationalities was justifiable but also tainted by nationalism: they claimed national autonomy, and the false reaction of the leaders was dictatorial hungarianization. Nationalism overcame our former identity. Liberalism in the meantime was working on the deconstruction of higher standards „for the freedom of the individuum”, thus made the lower identites stronger. So with the deconstruction of religious, cultural, ordinal (caste) identities – that held the traditional empire up – they let the nationalist identities and sometimes chauvinism grow. However nationalism was only a tolerated idea, a necessary evil for liberalism. Today liberalism became so powerful that it wants to erase even our national identity. We need a value-based nationalism which is not hostile with other nations, because it is still a cohesive power in the modern world, and a fundament that we can build the cultural, religional, racial and other identities on. Negative nationalism however cannot be a cohesive power, because it makes a nation constantly pretend to be more valuable than other nations. The value of a nation is not in a subordinate relationship to other nations, it needs to be compared to itself not to others. The more a nation preserved its spiritual and cultural traditons, and the more it can express and represent its noble features, the superior it is.

The left-liberal directive is completely false, they do not want to exceed nationalism and put it in order, they simply want to cut it out along with every other identical factors. In the context of Trianon they cheer for the European Union, which represents the opposite of the European principles, and even though they know that nationalism was one of the causes of the treaty, they cannot imagine that peace can be reached through living the national traditions.

The liberals’ ambition of destroying the sexual identity shows that they consider the nationalism to be vanquished, so they can attack the next identical factor. It is the process of complete atomization, the destruction of smaller and smaller units. After the empires, they destroyed the nations, then bigger communities, now they are at the level of the family, then comes the human itself. There is no stop on the slide. We here in the Carpathian Basin however argue about the national origin of our kings and military leaders. There are some, who falsify history or destroy graveyards just to offset their inferiority complex, instead of thinking about a truly common European vision.

From far e.g. another country or distorted by the left-liberal media, our activity may seem to be merely nationalist, and you might think that we weep over Trianon, hate other nations, considering them robbers and dream about a country under Hungarian rule, where other nationalities are slaves, and the Hungarians enjoy positive discrimination. Actually we fight against chauvinism that our brothers still suffer from in the neighbouring countries. Such amount of positive nationalism is affordable for everyone. But we respect the tradition, culture and religion of other nations particularly when it is mutual. One must differentiate positive nationalism from primitive chauvinism. We do not tolerate the latter among Hungarians, and every nation has to strive to eject the frustrated troublesome chauvinists from their community.

The first step of the exit from the common tragedy of Trianon is to understand that it was a part of such a process, in which each one of us had lost something. There are no winners. Contemplating the present world with a sharp and open mind excellently proves it.

For the second step everyone should build a positive nationalist view instead of chauvinism, which also means to confront their own chauvinists. We have to look at our historical traumas as domestic violence, a diabolic division. A sufficiently intelligent person if one of his/ her relatives commits a crime doesn’t want to change or deny the facts or look for acquittance, but he/she can say that this person is not me, and eventually this person is responsible for his/her own actions. We don’t need to identify with the sinners of the past, but condemn the sin and confess the mistakes. Obviously we can reconstruct these stories, which is an important task for historians or archeologists, but coldly, without nationalist prejudices, and involving other ideas and viewpoints. The truth is not determined by nation of the parties.

The third step is the observation of what is still common in us, the people living in the Carpathian Basin, and the concentration on these common principals. In other words: without losing our national identity we must lift it up with a healthy hierarchy to a cultural, civilizational, religional identity. A liberating feeling comes to our heart if we look at these rank of identities from above, because there is so much in common outside nationalism, particularly compared to the multicultural, race-mixing, atheist modern world. We must stand for an universal view that covers all identificational factors. We are Christians, part of the nordic civilization, Europeans with much of Eastern (steppe) infuence, and whites. If you as a reader reached so far than you are open to higher principles, thus carry the seeds of nobility and the future elite. Presumably all of us are heterosexual (however it is not that certain), who do not identify with our virtual profiles on the internet. All of us are fighting for our families for a normal life. We believe in true principles and fight against liberalism.

HVIM is ready to build a Carpathian Basin where the inhabitants respect and complement each other, overcame the traumas of the past and ready to fight shoulder to shoulder. Of course we exclude every kind of chauvinism be it ours or the other people’s. Everybody has the right to protect himself, and not to abase himself in front of others. We don’t leave our brothers alone in an anti-Hungarian insult, but not because we hate the nation of the insulters collectively, but we love our blood and protect them.

We make ourselves aware that the main fault line is not between nations. The main fault line is between tradition and antitradition, religious and godless, traditional and modern. We must make up a new elite, that intellectually overcame this hundred years old attempt to divide us, and build a new empire in the name of traditional universality, which means the collective representation of the many above mentioned identificational factors. This is the true right wing, which is not a type of party politics, not an attribute of chauvinists or national socialists (they are anti-left wing), but the attribute of those, who stand up against modernism and stand up for real values in a holistic approach. This is the path of restoration and tradition, that eliminates false fault lines and gives power to an archaic type of man, that have been wandering among the ruins so far, but eventually finds the pure water of the spring. By dipping from this spring, we can successfully clean ourselves first, then – after we have won the fight – in our broader neighbourhood, then in our nation, thus our leaders who became noble again can jointly bring a better future for the Carpathian Basin.

Gábor Barcsa-Turner

Co-leader of HVIM

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